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Youth & Novice Turkey Weekend Reports, 2021


The advent of online reporting has decreased the numbers of in-person reports and data, but these young hunters shared their successes with us. Congratulations!

We have a little fun by asking those with their first kill to give it a kiss. Thanks to those good sports who cause some extra smiles.

Cheyenne Abare4/2414 lb 1 oz8-1/2″1-1/4″Waterbury
Conner Allen4/2416 lb 9 ozs9-1/4″7/8″Washington
Evan Bailey4/2411 lbs1″1/8″Barre
Justin Boyce4/2420 lbs8-1/2″3/4″Brookfield
Jacob Dunkling4/2415 lb 5 ozs4-3/4″1/4″East Montpelier
Blake Fecteau4/2420 lb 4 ozs8″1″Barre
Logan Haskins4/2423 lb 10 ozs11+”1-1/4″Montpelier
Maxwell Laperle4/2419 lb 8 ozs8-1/2″3/4″Williamstown
Ace MacRitchie4/2417 lbs8″7/8″ 
Taylor Morrison4/2416 lb 13 ozs5-3/4″1/4″Barre
Colton Richardson4/2414 lb 8 ozs4-1/4″3/8″East Montpelier
Samuel Wilcox4/2414 lb 3 ozs3-1/4″1/4″Brookfield

View more Successful Hunters from current seasons. Photos from prior seasons are available in Albums on our Facebook page.