70 Smith Street 
Barre, VT 05641

Youth Turkey Weekend Reports, 2019


Congratulations to these young hunters! Jump down to their harvest stats.
“What’s with the kisses?” you ask. R&L tradition: first kill gets a kiss!

Marshall Aja4/2812 lb4-1/4″1/8″Barre
Jacob Bisson4/2721 lb 4 oz8″1″Barre
Riley Brown4/2715 lb 12 oz8-1/4″1/2″Barre
Dewey Burns4/2717 lb 7 oz9″3/4″Norwich
Gideon Covey4/2821 lb8-1/2″1″Williamstown
Aden Cushman4/2717 lb 13 oz8-1/4″3/4″Barre
Caleb Evans4/2712 lb 13 oz2-1/2″1/8″East Montpelier
Blake Fecteau4/2717 lb 11 oz4″1/4″Barre
Alexander Gomo4/2812 lb1/2″ Orange
Cameron Govea4/2712 lb3-3/4″3/8″Roxbury
Ridge Herring4/2721 lb 13 oz9-3/4″3/4″East Montpelier
Daniel Kiniry4/2721 lb 10 oz8″1-1/8″Springfield
Brady Lamberti4/2723 lb9-1/4″1″Barre
Connor Lang4/2719 lb 6 oz8-3/4″1″Tunbridge
Maxwell Laperle4/2819 lb 10 oz7-1/4″1″Williamstown
Slade Macauley4/2717 lb 3 oz8-1/4″5/8″Brookfield
Garett Peace4/2817 lb 1 oz10-1/2″5/8″Middlesex
Zachary Slayton4/2714 lb 8 oz3-3/4″1/8″Corinth
Kayla Yalicki4/2721 lb 11 oz8-1/4″1″East Montpelier

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