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Spring Turkey Reports, 2020

So glad you sent us your turkey pictures during that period when we couldn’t report them.
Jump down to the harvest stats we collected when our Reporting Station was allowed to reopen.

Larry Beede5/1511 lb 4 oz9″3/4″East Montpelier
Donald Blondin5/1621 lb 1 oz8″7/8″East Montpelier
Stacy Boland5/1916 lb8-3/4″3/4″Hartland
Bryan Boutin5/2116 lb 15 oz8-3/4″7/8″Williamstown
Blake Clark5/1617 lb 13 oz9-1/4″1″Williamstown
Bernard Emmons5/1619 lb9″7/8″Washington
James Farnham5/717 lb 10 oz8-3/4″3/4″Williamstown
Peter Flood5/1218 lb 15 oz9-1/2″3/4″East Montpelier
Wade Flood5/1518 lb 4 oz9″3/4″Moretown
Eric Gaudette5/1613 lb 12 oz3-1/4″1/8″Moretown
Ryan Grandfield5/1614 lb 3 oz9-3/4″3/4″East Montpelier
Quinn Higgins5/1319 lb10-1/4″1″Williamstown
Logan Hutchins5/1517 lb9-3/4″1″East Montpelier
Craig Mugford5/915 lb 8 oz4″1/8″East Montpelier
Megan Picard5/1917 lb 15 oz9-3/4″3/4″Middlesex
Christopher Raspe5/1117 lb 11 oz9-1/2″3/4″Barre
Ryan Vasseur5/1123 lb 10 oz10″3/4″East Montpelier

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