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Spring Turkey Reports, 2021

The advent of online reporting has decreased the numbers of in-person reports and data, but these hunters shared their successes with us. Congratulations!
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Cody Ashford5/716 lb 13 ozs9″1″Orange
Daniel Baroffio5/117 lb 10 ozs9″1/8″Northfield
Nicholas Benson5/121 lb 1 ozs9″1-1/8″Chelsea
Jeremy Bisson5/815 lb 4 ozs9-1/2″5/8″Berlin
Raymond Bisson5/1017 lb 7 ozs9-1/4″7/8″Barre
Alec Brooks5/2211 lb 13 ozs4-3/4″1/4″Orange
Anderson Brown5/1817 lb 8 ozs9-3/4″1-1/8″Corinth
Bruce Capron5/1016 lb 10 ozs9-1/2″1/2″Williamstown
Mitchell Chadwick5/417 lb 12 ozs8″7/8″Orange
Hunter Chase5/1812 lb5-3/4″1/2″Orange
Hunter Chase5/1813 lb 1 ozs7″1/2″Orange
George Clain5/1016 lb 15 ozs8-1/4″1/8″Barre
George Clain5/2012 lb 14 ozs7″3/8″Barre
Sierra Courville5/118 lb 13 ozs9-3/4″1″Braintree
Ann Delaney5/714 lb 4 ozs6″3/8″Calais
Richard Dickinson5/215 lb 8 ozs4-1/4″1/8″Lyndon
Brian Divelbliss5/118 lb 13 ozs7-1/2″1-1/8″Berlin
Evan Dudley5/712 lb 14 ozs3″1/8″Barre
Jason Fecteau5/118 lb 7 ozs9-1/4″1″Barre
Wade Flood5/414 lb4″1/4″Waitsfield
David Gauthier5/318 lb 12 ozs9-1/4″7/8″Williamstown
Robert George5/116 lb 2 ozs9″1-1/4″Brookfield
Burton Green5/113 lb 6 ozs6″1/4″Berlin
Cheyanne Green5/116 lb 8 ozs6-1/4″1/4″Berlin
George Gross5/1318 lb 8 ozs9″3/4″Berlin
Hunter Gross5/119 lb9-3/4″3/4″Berlin
Quinn Higgins5/119 lb 4 ozs8-3/4″7/8″Brookfield
Armand Jalbert5/513 lb3-1/2″0″Barre
Armand Jalbert5/515 lb 12 ozs3-1/2″0″Barre
Riley Jarvis5/811 lb 11 ozs4″0″Williamstown
Rick Labelle5/814 lb 9 ozs5-1/4″1/4″Barre
Scott Lamson5/318 lb10-1/4″3/4″Berlin
Scott Lamson5/1018 lb 11 ozs10-1/4″1-1/4″Barre
Connor Lang5/116 lb8″1/2″Enosburg
David Lecours5/118 lb 5 ozs9-1/4″1″Calais
Joshua Magnan5/1516 lb 11 ozs8-1/2″1″East Montpelier
Ray Mcleod5/118 lb 2 ozs9-3/4″7/8″Orange
Ray Mcleod5/1711 lb 7 ozs3-3/4″1/2″Orange
Mark Moran5/1113 lb 4 ozs9-1/2″5/8″Barre
Mark Moran5/1217 lb 12 ozs9-1/2″1″Barre
Craig Mugford5/2113 lb7″1/8″East Montpelier
Mason Otis5/2116 lb 12 ozs9″7/8″Barre
Mason Otis5/2518 lb 5 ozs9″1-1/8″Barre
Attilio Perantoni5/118 lb 7 ozs7-1/2″3/4″Barre
Attilio Perantoni5/416 lb 14 ozs9-/2″3/4″Barre
Benjamin Phillips5/118 lb 8 ozs10″7/8″Calais
Norman Portalupi5/115 lb 4 ozs3-3/4″1/4″Williamstown
Kyle Richardson5/418 lb 5 ozs9-1/4″7/8″Calais
Alan Roy5/113 lb 1 ozs5-1/4″1/4″Berlin
Jackson Scribner5/418 lb 2 ozs9″3/4″East Montpelier
Kyle Spaulding5/113 lb 12 ozs5″1/8″Williamstown
Ryan Thygesen5/117 lb 6 ozs9-3/4″1-3/8″Williamstown
Grant Walker5/711 lb 9 ozs7″0″East Montpelier
Geoffrey Wilcox5/117 lb 12 ozs9-1/4″7/8″Berlin

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