70 Smith Street 
Barre, VT 05641

Big Game Reporting Station

R&L Archery is an official Vermont Big Game Reporting Station (deer, bear, and turkey) with state-certified scales. We are also a Biological Check Station during Youth Deer Weekend and on the first weekend of Rifle Deer Season. Successful hunters on those weekends can meet State wildlife biologists who will collect data on their deer that will help inform herd assessment and future management decisions.

Help Collect Important Data

Vermont law now requires successful bear hunters to collect a small pre-molar tooth from each harvested bear. The collection of this tooth is critical to providing important data for evaluating changes to the age structure of the bear population and for making population estimates. When you report your bear at R&L, you can pick up the required paperwork to accompany the tooth. A video showing how to extract it can be found here. The state is also conducting a deer study, and requests a tooth from your deer, as well. We have collection envelopes for that as well. In 2016, they collected more than 4,600 teeth. Your can check the age of the deer you harvested in 2016 here.