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Gun Cleaning

Once the hunting seasons are over, it’s time to clean the guns—a necessary chore, especially for muzzleloaders.

Doing it yourself?  R&L Archery carries all the necessary solvents, brushes, patches, lubricants, etc., you’ll need to keep your gun clean.

Don’t have the time or inclination?  Let us do it for you!

Basic rifle/shotgun cleaning – $20
Clean bore, chamber, and lightly oil bore; wipe down all exposed exterior metal surfaces, lightly oil; clean scope lenses. 

Deluxe rifle/shotgun cleaning – $45
Basic cleaning, plus remove barrel from stock; clean all exterior surfaces to remove any surface rust; clean bolt or action on semi-autos. 

Handguns – $40
Semi-auto: Includes cleaning bore, and internals; wipe down metal parts; lightly oil exposed surfaces
Revolvers: Clean bore, inside and outside of cylinder; wipe down all exposed metal parts

Muzzleloaders – $45
Clean bore and all exposed external metal surfaces; clean outside of scope, clean scope lenses; remove nipple (if equipped) and clean threads; for removable breech plugs, clean threads and apply anti-seize
All guns and muzzleloaders must be unloaded before entering the store.