R&L Archery has everything you need to make your next hunting trip a success.

We carry the supplies you need and have experts on hand to answer your questions and help you devise strategies for making your trip successful.

Whether it’s ammunition and bows, decoys and blinds, game calls and scents, or binoculars and range finders, we have it.

Click here for successful hunters pages for each of our hunting seasons, featuring harvest lists and photographs of successful hunters.

Game Calls

Whether you’re hunting deer, moose, waterfowl, turkey, predators, or something else, we have a wide variety of game calls. Draw your prey into range with a game call; we have a selection that includes electronic calls for deer and predators.

Lures and Scent Killers

Scent control is one of the most important steps to your hunting preparation. Let us help you get scent-free in the woods with the industry’s most trusted names in scent control. We have not only the traditional spray-ons, soaps, clothing washes, and shampoos, but also Ozonics ozone systems. This newest generation of odor eliminators is for in-the-field and for the bag you keep your hunting clothes in. It also works great for gym bags and athletic clothing. If you prefer to use cover scents, our inventory includes natural smells from the woods: apple, cedar, earth, and pine, as well as coon and fox urine.
  With recent changes in Vermont laws, you’ll need to get some new lures as well. Baiting and feeding deer was banned a few years ago and, new in 2016, you can no longer use deer lures that are produced naturally. No more Tinks 69 or Code Blue. However, these companies and others have come up with a synthetic version of their best-selling lures to keep the magic working in the woods. Stop in to see our large selection of the new synthetic lures. Hunting out-of-state? No worries. We still carry the natural deer lures that you’ve grown to trust.

Tree Stands

Looking for the perfect place to hide in the woods? Whether you need a box stand, portable, climber, ladder stand, or climbing stick, R&L Archery has you covered! We are currently featuring Muddy tree stands, which not only offer the latest and greatest features of the industry, but truly revolutionize tree stands that present hunter-driven specs never before brought to the table. Muddy tree stands feature stands that offer platform adjustments, seat adjustments, waterproof seats, accessory bags, silent straps, and footrests. Available in both steel and lightweight but strong aluminum construction. The best part of their ladder stands is the very comfortable seat! All tree stands come with a TMA (Treestand Manufacturer’s Association) approved safety harness; double stands come with two. Never buy a treestand that is not TMA approved, and always wear a full body harness–your life depends on it. Ground blinds are available in three basic styles: chair blind (one- or two-person), pop-up blinds (dog house, for example), and hub blinds. We carry them all and generally have some set up on the floor. The biggest challenge on these blinds is to get them back into their carry bag after use. We can show you how! And every blind needs a chair or stool in it to sit on. We have multiple choices for those as well.