Our selection of fishing gear has grown every year since we put it in and, so far, it doesn’t look like it is going to get any smaller! We stock a full selection of softbaits from Jackall, Mister Twister, Yamamoto, and Yum. Not to mention, more lures than you can shake a stick at from such great companies as Arbogast, Booyah, Hali, Heddon, Live Target, Mepps, Rapala, and Rainbow Slayer, just to name a few. We are always adding more lures so you will have to come down and check them out to see if we have your favorites.

We also have a constant supply of crawlers, dillies, and trout worms as well as spikes (in season; never call them maggots if you want your wife to let you keep them in the refrigerator) in the winter months.

We have added live bait (2018)—minnows—for the winter ice fishing season, and for the spring perch runs. Depending on customer demand we may offer them throughout the summer and fall fishing seasons.

Of course you can’t catch fish with lures alone. You need a rod and reel set-up from Abu Garcia, Eagle Claw, G. Loomis, Mitchell, Shakespeare, Shimano, or St.Croix; line from Stren, Berkley, Maxima, or Power Pro; and sinkers, bobbers, hooks, ice augers, fish gloves, creels, etc., etc., etc. We have it all! Anything you think you need to catch fish—except the fish themselves, of course—we have hanging around somewhere, so stop on by and pick your favorite. Like they say, even a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work!

Ask about our line spooling services!

We are expanding our fly fishing department. For starters, we now have St. Croix rods and rod/reel combos, as well as flies and streamers manufactured by Paul’s Bait Rigs (Rainbow Slayer). 


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    Ice Fishing

    In the winter, continue enjoying the simple pleasure of fishing with our ice fishing supplies. From portable seating and heating solutions to hand augers, electric power augers, and chisels to help you open up a hole in the ice, we have it all. Ice rods, reels, combos, and tip-ups; ice line and all the accoutrements; bibets and lures by Bay de Noc (Swedish pimple), Clam, Eagle Claw, Hali, Rapala, and YMC.
      New Hampshire no longer allows the use of any jigs and lures containing lead. You'll find an assortment in tungsten and other non-lead metals at R&L Archery.
      Check out Eagle Claw's new collapsible ice skimmer, the first change in ice skimmer design in over 60 years. Well worth the wait.

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    Rods & Reels

    Whatever kind of fishing trip you’re planning, R&L Archery has the reels and rods for it. From lake fishing to rivers—and ice—if you want to fish it, we have the gear. Our selection of rods and reels encompasses options for all skill types and angling method. You'll find equipment from Abu Garcia, Berkley, Mitchell, Penn, Shakespeare, and Shimano.
      New for 2017 are rods from G. Loomis and Shimano, and Shimano reels. We have also expanded our inventory of one-piece casting rods and baitcasting reels. In 2018, we anticipate stocking St. Croix rods again, and are looking forward to expanding our fly fishing department.

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    Having the right tackle is important. Fishermen know that R&L Archery stocks the top brands in the industry, and we have a wide selection to accommodate various fishing styles, conditions, water, and types of fish. Our inventory includes tungsten and other non-lead lures, a variety of synthetic lures, as well as live bait (minnows, worms, crawlers, and dillies).
      We have an assortment of terminal tackle and braided, monofilament, and polycarbonate fishing line. Recent additions to our line selection are PowerPro and Maxima monofilament line and Maxima fly fishing leaders.
      Any line purchased from us can be spooled onto your reel at no additional cost.