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Wicked Ridge 2021: “Blackhawk 360” for Under $400, “NXT 400″ Only 6” Wide

Wicked Ridge’s new-for-2021 models include the lowest priced and the narrowest American-made crossbows on the market.


The Blackhawk 360 is the lowest-priced American-made crossbow, ever.

At just 6 pounds, this crossbow will be a breeze to carry in the field. While it isn’t the fastest new crossbow out there, it’s more than fast enough, and it has a number of nice features, including machined cams, a picatinny rail on the bottom for accessories, and a fully integrated foregrip fitted with elongated safety wings to ensure the shooter’s hand stays below the path of the speeding bowstring. The skeletonized stock hosts TenPoint’s reliable 3.5-lb. trigger system with an incorporated dry-fire inhibitor.

Package includes rope cocker, TenPoint 3x multi-line scope, 3-arrow instant-detach quiver, 3 Wicked Ridge XX75 aluminum arrows.

Length (without foot stirrup): 35.5″
Width axle-to-axle, uncocked/cocked: 19″/15″
Weight (without accessories): 6 lbs
Speed: up to 360 fps, 340 with XX75 arrows

R&L Archery, $39999

The NXT 400 was designed for accuracy and extreme maneuverability. It provides a combination of built-in cocking device, speed, accuracy, and ultra-narrow width that is unrivaled at its unbeatable price.

At 7.4 pounds, this horizontal shooter is equipped with ACUdraw, which means any shooter can cock the bow with minimal effort, and since the assembly is mounted to a lightweight 21.5-inch machined-aluminum barrel, noise and vibration have been reduced. The auto-engaging 3.5-pound trigger is as crisp as they come.

Package includes TenPoint 3x Pro-View scope, ACUdraw crank cocking device, 3-arrow instant detach quiver, 3 Pro Elite 400 carbon arrows with practice points.

Length (without foot stirrup): 33″
Width axle-to-axle, uncocked/cocked: (11.3″/6″)
Weight (without accessories): 7.4 lbs
Speed: up to 400 fps

R&L Archery, $1,09999