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RAGE Hypodermic No Collar Broadhead

Rage® Broadheads are the award-winning, number-one-selling expandable broadheads, which feature SlipCam technology and revolutionary rear-deploying blades that fly like field tips yet are fully expanded at the moment of impact. Rage® Broadheads provide huge entry holes, gaping wound channels, exceptional penetration, and better blood trails.

Rage has taken their popular Hypodermic broadhead to the next level with the introduction of their new Rage Hypodermic NC (no collar) broadhead for 2019. The new head delivers the same devastating 2″ cutting design that you’ve come to know with Rage, yet without the need for a containment collar. Cutting-edge finger-like tabs on the blades’ Slip Cam™ pivot point “anchors” them in place while in the closed position. A lot of bowhunters hate the idea of o-rings, collars, or rubber bands. This design does away with all of those. It truly is a no-hassle broadhead design. 3 per package.