Brand new offering for 2018 is the full line of Rambo E-Bikes (electronic assist).

These are heavy-frame, fat-tire bicycles that are designed to be taken off the beaten path (they work equally well in the more civilized world of pavement and gravel roads).

Bikes can be operated three ways; as a pedal bike, pedal with help from the integrated motor, and electric motor mode only.

The 750 Watt motor has a maximum speed of 19 miles per hour (without pedaling) which insures that it is classified as a bicycle and not a motor vehicle.

In the world of accessories they have a lot – including a kayak trailer and a fishing trailer. How cool is that? Plus fenders, saddle bags, racks, solar chargers, tire repair kits, and for those who need to be connected, a cell phone accessory bag.

Because they are not classified as motor vehicles, they are legal to use in state and national forests.



The R750 G3 Black (750 Watt motor, Generation 3 bike, color of black) ) is the base model. Single gear with 3 power settings. Range of 19 miles without pedaling.

The R750C G3 (camo). Same specs as above.

The R750C G3 NWTF (National Wild Turkey Federation).  Same bike as above, but comes with accessories: rear accessory bag, front rack, and gun/bow holder.

The XP series have more power available, so they have more gears and more power settings.  Pretty much going to get you where ever you want to go. Still only 19 miles per hour.

The R750XP G3 Camo. Has upgraded front suspension, plus 3 gear settings and 5 different power levels. 20+ miles without pedaling.

The R750XP G3 Carbon (carbon dip finish).  9 different gear settings, and 5 different power settings. 20+ miles without pedaling.

Come test drive one – Smith Street is blessed with a 12′ wide bike path. Plenty of room to ride.