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Barre, VT 05641

New YUM Ned Dinger Fishing Lure (check out the video!)

YUM took the proven shape of the YUM Dinger and shrank it to build out a Ned rig specific size. The body of the Ned Dinger features a stockier profile, but with an extra soft plastic formula that uniquely floats the lure thanks to an air pocket in the tail. Ultra-realistic color patterns better appeal to finicky fish. So, no matter if you’re going after tight-lipped largemouth or shy smallmouth, the YUM Ned Dinger will get bit.

  • Modified Dinger shape designed specifically for the Ned Rig
  • Air pocket in the tail traps air and is released when jigging on the bottom
  • Specially-formulated plastic that floats which makes the bait stand up

Model YND3, Length 3″,  8/pack

Available in 8 colors. At R&L Archery, $2.99