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New Product Line at R&L: SuckleBusters BBQ Seasonings, Rubs, and Marinades

We went to the trade show. We saw ’em. We tried ’em. We liked ’em. You will too! Bring that Texas BBQ flavor to your house!

  • Rubs for beef, chicken, pork & ribs
  • Add sweet to your savory with the “Sugar Daddy” sweet rub
  • Salt&pepper&garlic all-purpose seasoning
  • Competition-winning Chili seasoning kits
  • Marinade kits especially for beef and poultry

Made with all-natural ingredients using recipes that are proven winners—with cook-off awards from all across the country. These are Texas flavors in Texas sizes: 12 to 14.25 ounces of rub, marinades for up to 10 pounds of meat per package, and the chili kits are enough for 2 pounds of meat.