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New From ScentLok Technologies

ScentLok’s innovative line of OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to seek out and destroy virtually all types of odors and bacteria in its path.

Ozone molecules seek out and destroy odor as well as attack bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew & more. Ozone attacks these compounds, alters their molecular structure to a compound that is no longer recognized as an offensive odor and reverts back into oxygen at the end of the process (oxidation).

OZ products are not intended for in-the-field use.

WARNING: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces

OZChamber 8K & OZ500 Combo Pack

Eliminate scents from your hunting clothing

• OZ500 unit included  Plugs into the OZInject™ tubing system in bag  

 OZInject™ technology  Patent pending internal piping system distributes ozone

 Carbon Adsorber included  Adsorbs odors from your gear and the air inside container 

• DWR finish  Helps shed moisture to keep your gear dry 

 Five internal mesh pockets  Includes built in OZ500 pocket & quick access to OzInject piping 

• Removable, adjustable shoulder strap  For comfortable, convenient carrying  

• Airtight side pocket  To keep some items separated if needed

• Durable 2″ grab straps  Perfect for hauling heavy loads  

• Dimensions  32″ W x 16″ H X 16″

OZ20 For Your Vehicle

Destroys virtually all types of odors, from cigarette smoke to sweaty gear to pet odors

 CycleClean™ technology  Moderates output to achieve maximum efficiency 

• Safe for your environment  Chemical and fragrance free 

• Versatility at your fingertips  All-in-one 12V plug & 8 hour treatment cycle


OZ20B Portable Odor Remover

Destroys virtually all types of odors. Use for gym bags, bathrooms, cars, camping, etc. 

 CycleClean™ technology  Moderates output to achieve maximum efficiency    

 Rechargeable  Battery lasts for up to 8 hours 

• Versatility at your fingertips  Includes 12V DC power supply & USB port to charge devices 

• Rechargeable  Battery lasts up to 8 hours

OZ Radial 400B Portable

360 degree output for optimum ozone dispersal

 Rechargeable  Battery lasts for up to 8 hours

 USB charging port  Allows you to charge devices on the go

 Four operating modes  Regular, cycle, boost and boosted cycle

 CycleClean™ technology   Moderates on/off to achieve maximum output efficiency

• Tether strap included  Allows unit to be hung anywhere you need it!