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New Fishing Lures from Yum and Panther Martin

Our fishing department expansion includes some new-for-2019 lures.

The Yum Pulse is a solid body swimbait that features a hard thumping tail and ribbed body that provides a dynamic swimming action which triggers a significant rolling action whether retrieved at high or low speeds. Available in multiple colors.

Designed to dominate the buzz frog market, the Yum Tip Toad’s legs have undergone round after round of refinement to ensure maximum water displacement and create the acoustic equivalent of fleeing prey. It gets up on plane quickly, so you get the most out of every turn of the reel handle. Along the back, the Yum Tip Toad is molded with hook bend placement notches that ensure proper rigging with 4/0 and 5/0 frog hooks. Offered in a range of color patterns.

The Panther Martin WillowStrike Holographic Spinner is the turbo-charged version of Panther Martin’s classic inline design, in which the standard convex/concave spinner blade is replaced by a high-flash, high-speed willow blade. Rotating without a clevis, the willow blade spins fast and frantic, producing loads of flash and creating a different sonic vibration as it darts through the water. Super-effective for running high and covering ground in shallow water, the precisely weighted and balanced Panther Martin WillowStrike Spinner features premium blade and body finishes, and like the original, will take almost every species that swims.

The Panther Martin HolyStrike Spinner adds brilliant holographic blades and body sparkles to the built-in flash and sonic vibration of the classic inline spinner, creating a striking combination that fish can’t seem to resist. The HolyStrike Spinner shimmers and shines like no other lure as it swims, attracting opportunistic predators like bass, trout, walleye, and pike from a wide area. Great for hungry panfish, too! Unmatched for clear water, especially on sunny days. Assorted colors; package of 3.