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New Archery Releases from B3 Archery

THE RIVAL DOUBLE-CALIPER RELEASE features black aluminum jaws and B3’s exclusive trigger grip bands. It’s available in black, blue or green — with a color coordinating connector bracket on the Flex Connector System. The Rival is a great looking, top-quality release that will perform well without breaking the bank.
Now at R&L Archery, $49.99

THE NEMESIS IS B3’s NEWEST SINGLE-CALIPER STYLE RELEASE with their exclusive trigger grip bands. It has a roller sear single jaw design with exclusive trigger grip bands. Featuring a stainless steel jaw and patented Tab Lock Technology.
Now at R&L Archery, $54.99

THE TIGRESS IS A NEW SINGLE-JAW MICRO-MODEL RELEASE, IN PINK. It comes on a small buckle strap and has a micro-head design, which is perfect for anyone with small hands and wrists. The Tigress is offered with pink details including stitching, strap bracket, or stem. Make a statement. Shoot with the Tigress.
Now at R&L Archery, $69.99

THE KING, B3’s LATEST SINGLE-CALIPER STYLE RELEASE, offers innovative features like a fully-radiused, blackened stainless steel jaw, angled knurled trigger, and adjustable roller-sear design. Buckle up with the King and you’ll enjoy its comfort, style, and versatility.
Now at R&L Archery, $79.99

THE ALPHA DOUBLE-CALIPER STYLE RELEASE features a roller-sear design and an adjustable trigger. The blackened stainless steel jaws are fully radiused, and the Alpha can be used off the bowstring or with a string loop. It’s setting new standards in the dual-caliper release world.
Now at R&L Archery, $84.99

THE CLAW IS B3’s LATEST BLACKENED STAINLESS HOOK DESIGN. It features a roller-sear hook release and is specifically built for string-loop shooters. Other features include angled forward trigger, flex or swivel stem connector, and travel/sensitivity adjustment. The Claw’s open-hook design allows for fast and simple loading in the field at the moment of truth. Whether you are trophy hunting or trying to get on the podium, The Claw is the release for you.
Now at R&L Archery, $84.99