Ice Fishing

In the winter, continue enjoying the simple pleasure of fishing with our ice fishing supplies. From portable seating and heating solutions to hand augers, electric power augers, and chisels to help you open up a hole in the ice, we have it all. Ice rods, reels, combos, and tip-ups; ice line and all the accoutrements; bibets and lures by Bay de Noc (Swedish pimple), Clam, Eagle Claw, Hali, Rapala, and YMC.
  New Hampshire no longer allows the use of any jigs and lures containing lead. You’ll find an assortment in tungsten and other non-lead metals at R&L Archery.
  Check out Eagle Claw’s new collapsible ice skimmer, the first change in ice skimmer design in over 60 years. Well worth the wait.