Are you a traditionalist? R&L Archery has you covered with our selection of Black Powder Rifles and Accessories. With muzzleloader options from CVA, Thompson Center, and Traditions, we’re sure you’ll leave here ready for your next hunting expedition. Click this link to our Gun List to see what’s currently in stock.

Can’t hunt with a 209 primer ignition system or hunting in a western state that doesn’t allow them? We offer the Traditions Northwest muzzleloaders that use musket caps.

Coming soon – mid-summer of 2018 – we will be stocking Goex black powders “real black powder” – just depends on when we receive our federal license for black powder.

While you are here, remember to check out our Cleaning Accessories, Reloading Accessories, Powder, Caps, and Bullets.

Hodgdon Powder has new pellet, Triple Se7en FireStar, available for 2018. Different shape, cleaner burning, and higher velocities,