Gun Safes

We always use the term “gun safe” when we refer to the safes we sell, but really what we are actually selling is a security vault that we also store guns in. Great storage for the important items in your life: deeds, titles, jewelry, insurance papers, and electronic media (discs, drives, negatives, photos). And yes, we store firearms and ammo in there as well. They are available in many sizes (measured in cubic feet) and fire ratings. Cosmetics include finish color or texture, electronic lock versus a dial lock.

A security vault can also be a business tax deduction – official secure storage of business records, documents, corporate papers, etc. And yes, we sometimes keep firearms in there as well.

For fireproof safes we carry Champion Safes

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Gun Safe

Fire rating – the better the rating the better the chance of the contents surviving a fire. Absolute minimal is 1200 degrees for 30 minutes, mid-range is 1700 degrees for    minutes.  The best is.   Downside to a higher fire rating – the higher the rating, the heavier the safe (more insulation).

Number and size of the bolts on the door – this is what keeps the thieves out. The bargain basement safes (the ones we don’t sell) will have perhaps a single bolt on top and 3 or 4 on the front edge. Real easy to spring the door with a couple of long pry bars. The better ones will have bolts on the top and bottom as well as front and rear edges. Not pryable. Size (diameter) of the bolts: inexpensive 3/4″, better 1″, and best 1-1/2″.

Size – you often have a defined space to fit, or specific number of items to hold. Basic rule of thumb for firearms: one cubic foot will hold 1 long gun, so a 25 cubic foot safe should hold 25 guns (and not much in the way of small items). But reality gets in the way, along with bolt actions and scopes – capacity will be somewhat less.

And whenever possible, buy larger than you think you need. We are always adding to our possessions. Purchasing a safe that is, say, 50% larger than originally envisioned, doesn’t cost 50% more. You just have to have space for it.

Appearance and function – A textured trim will cost less than a high gloss finish. An electronic lock will cost more than a dial lock.

We also carry an assortment of pistol vaults, which may hold one or multiple handguns. From the basic vault with a key and/or keypad entry to ones that open using biometric and RFID technologies, you’ll find a large assortment of styles to fit your needs. Rapid Safe from Hornady, and safes from Bull Dog Vaults.