Gun Cases

R&L Archery carries both soft cases and hard cases for rifles and handguns. From the $20 soft-sided rifle case to that top-end hard plastic case to ensure the safety of your guns while traveling, or shipping or flying with them for the hunt of a lifetime, you’ll find them all at R&L Archery.

As we all know airline personnel delight in taking extra steps to insure that your bow or gun case receives special abuse. Arriving at your hunting destination with damaged equipment is not the way to start a hunt. Nor is returning home with damaged equipment. It pays to buy good quality (reasonably air line proof).

SKB offers a series of cases (bow firearm and bow) that have been independently tested for the various forms of airline abuse and  ranked the best.  In addition to the quality of the case, each case comes with a $1500.00 insurance policy (from SKB) that can be used to help pay damages that the airlines didn’t cover.