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    There truly is nothing more satisfying than taking the ones you love out into the woods and shooting them. . . . with paintballs of course! What did you think I was talking about? We have been playing paintball for years and have had a stock of guns and accessories for almost as long. We currently carry a selection of Tippmann guns, masks, and CO2 tanks, as well as G.I. Sportz paintballs.

    We also fill both CO2 and compressed air tanks up to 3000psi.

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    At R&L Archery, we carry all the traps, tools, and lures needed for a successful trapping season. Whether you're live trapping or trapping for furs, on land or in the water, we have the traps and the tools you need. Just starting and looking for helpful hints? Stop in and talk with our staff who not only sell trapping supplies, but also use them.
      REMINDER: In Vermont it is illegal to live trap nuisance creatures (red squirrels, skunks, coons, woodchucks, etc.) and then transport them down the road so they can live in someone else's backyard. For complete information on furbearer trapping in Vermont, visit the Vermont Fish & Wildlife website.