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2021 Excalibur TwinStrike: 2 Shots in 2 Seconds


The new TwinStrike is the first crossbow of its kind, essentially two crossbows assembled onto one stock. There are two sets of limbs, two strings, two shoot-through barrels, and two triggers. That means you can load a pair of bolts and take a second shot at a buck when the jitters get the best of you on the first one.

Bolts shoot through the riser for increased accuracy. The front trigger fires the top rail, and the back trigger fires the bottom rail. CeaseFire Technology boosts safety by ensuring the crossbow will not fire unless a bolt is loaded, and this technology works in concert with Excalibur’s new Rhino Nock to give shooters a positive, audible click to indicate a bolt is properly seated.

The crossbow is sold in a package that includes Excalibur’s new Overwatch illuminated scope, Rebolt 4-Arrow quiver, 4 Quill arrows with Rhino Nocks, Charger EXT cocking device, DualFire decocking aid.

Overall Length: 33.375″
Width (uncocked/cocked): 25.25″ / 21.125″
Weight (w/o accessories): 7.75 lbs
Speed: up to 360 fps

R&L Archery, strata camo, $1,99999