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Firearm Storage

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R&L Archery is a Vermont State Certified Firearms Storage Location, so if you need a secure place to store your firearms we can help you for as short or as long of a time period as needed. R&L Archery is also an approved storage facility for firearms that are required to be relinquished for a period of time.

In 2014, the State of Vermont created a guideline for storing firearms seized by law enforcement or court-ordered to be relinquished. As gun enthusiasts, we saw an opportunity to help our fellow gun owners and ensure that any gun that was stored for an individual was also properly cared for and not just stored in a basement corner. We became one of the first certified firearms storage locations in Vermont. We also provide this service for gun owners who require temporary storage of their firearms due to a variety of reasons such as vacations, relocations, and estate settlements.

Each firearm is inspected, documented, and photographed, then placed in our fireproof, temperature-controlled security vault for the duration of its stay with us. 


Storage fees* shall be charged as listed below:

First firearm:                $13/month for the first 15 months

                                    $4/month after the 15th month

Additional firearms:     $4/month per additional firearm

Ammunition:                $2/month per box

Other weapons:           $2/month (some exceptions may apply)

*Fees may change without notice