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Featured Products

Haydel’s Duck and Goose Calls
Haydel’s Game Calls is a family-owned and -operated business in Louisiana, and is nationally recognized as a leader in the manufacture of the finest quality game calls. Haydel’s founder and his sons are national champion callers, so they know what you want in a call. The most impressive feature of a Haydel’s Game Call is its ability to “blow wet”. R&L has six models of these exceptional calls.

We have piles of MUDDY TREE STANDS waiting for you!

Muddy tree stands not only offer the latest and greatest features of the industry, but truly revolutionize tree stands that present hunter-driven specs never before brought to the table. Muddy tree stands feature stands that offer platform adjustments, seat adjustments, waterproof seats, accessory bags, silent straps, footrests, and lightweight but strong aluminum construction. We have fixed stands, climbers, and ladder stands. And you need to come in and try Muddy’s packable 360-degree swivel ground seat to see how comfortable sitting in a blind can be!






The future of scent elimination: OZONICS
If you’ve been burned by scent control before, you’re not alone. You’ve tried sprays, clothes, and a dozen other techniques only to get busted by your target before you even raised your bow. Not anymore. The patented scent elimination technology of Ozonics is scientifically proven to maximize your existing opportunities and create new ones you thought were unattainable. You’ll get closer to more animals and bigger game, including the elusive ones that seem like the stuff of legend. Ozonics gives you a better way to hunt, and it’s the only scent management tool you’ll ever need.

Ozonics electronically changes ordinary oxygen into ozone, chemically altering your human odors, rendering them unrecognizable to deer and other big game. The HR-200 features a silent on/off operation at the touch of a button, and a quiet built-in fan projects odor-destroying ozone over your scent zone. Get two levels of ozone output for blind hunting and treestand hunting (boost mode). The HR-200 has built-in green utility lights illuminate without alerting nearby game, and a built-in battery indicator shows current battery life left based on mode usage.

The New HR300 features enhanced odor destroying ozone output – up to 45% more than the HR 200. In addition, the new design utilizes Integrated Pulse Technology which balances time and oxidant concentration to ensure the proper amount of oxidant is deployed. Not too much. Not too little. Use in the stand, in the blind or in conjunction with the new Kinetic and DriWash and take the power of Ozonics with you on the go – where ever you may go.

Ozonics’ Dri-Wash Descenting System harnesses the scent destroying power of your Ozonics™ Unit by delivering ozone through-out the specially designed airflow system, ensuring efficient and effective odor elimination. The Dri-Wash Descenting System has durable and quiet dual zippers for reliable, non-snag operation, with large finger pulls for easy access. Fully Deployed Dimension: 34” tall x 26” wide x 11” deep, and is constructed with oxidation resistant materials for rugged durability.