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prospecting2prospecting1Wouldn’t it be nice to have a hobby that actually pays you back once in a while? There aren’t many that do, but of the ones that do, few that are as much fun as prospecting.

Whether you want to comb the beaches for lost treasure, or head out to your local stream to see if you can find some gold, we can help you out. We have a large selection of gold pans and accessories from Keene in stock and ready to be used. We have pans, sluices, gold magnets, sniffer bottles and many more handy tools you never knew you needed.

prospecting3If playing in the water isn’t really your thing we have metal detectors by White’s for every skill level. Whether you are just looking for that loose change you dropped in your lawn last fall or you are combing old battle fields looking for bullets and buttons, White’s has a model to suit your needs and we are more than happy to take you through the models and the functions to figure out just what you need to find what you are seeking.

Lost something valuable, but don’t want to invest in a metal detector of your own to find it? No problem! We have a unit here in the shop ready to rent. Daily rentals cost only $25, which has got to be cheaper than trying to replace that necklace or ring you dropped in the tall grass.